Development, Art and Education

We embrace diversity

Diversity, not just in the people we work with but in how we work with them.
RABBITMACHT is about freely hopping from one field of interest to another. We match the best of one world with another to build a unique convergence between art and technology within our projects.

RabbitMacht Fields of Interest


  • Games Development

    Realtime 3D Applications with Blender and Unreal

  • Web Development

    Fullstack, Mobile and Web Apps


  • Installation Art

    Incl Arduino Robotics and Projection Mapping

  • Sculpture

    Assembling, modelling and casting


  • Content Development

    Extensive documentation and resource building

  • Lecturing

    Remote and on-site training

Digital 3D Assets

Boost your productivity with this collection of stylized digital assets. All assets are available in Blender and FBX formats ideal for games and hyper-realism projects.


A mysterious collection of unique, handmade artworks in merino wool, clays, stone and acrylic mediums.

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