An Introduction to Programming with Processing

Processing is a high-level programming language that is based on Java. It is known for its ability to simplify creating visually-based programs.

It’s easy to learn syntax makes it a compelling choice for beginners wanting to learn basic programming concepts that can be scaled into more advanced applications.


Processing applications (known as “sketches”) can be deployed in various formats such as

  • Java stand-alone applications,
  • Javascript that can be embedded in HTML5 documents
  • and Android Apps for Google’s popular mobile platform.


Start from scratch

This course assumes no prior programming knowledge as the learner is led through a guided tour of programming concepts that extend across many high-level languages, then demonstrates a practical implementation of these concepts within Processing sketches.

Build your own portfolio

The course encourages learners to work along-side the examples by creating their own programs or remixing the source code that is included with the documentation. This source code Includes a game emphasizing programmatic logic, data visualizations that read from external datasets and various other examples that cover all the major topics discussed within the documentation.

Test Yourself

At the end of each major section, a Quiz is included so that the learner can assess their personal progress and compare their results with other students that have taken the course.


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