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Start your own mobile-friendly online store in a matter of days, with the Starter Store from RABBITMACHT.

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Get a free domain when you sign up

Your Starter Store comes with a domain of your choice at no extra cost for the first year.

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Let’s build your shop together

We’ll guide you through the setup process and take care of the technical details, so you can stay focused on your goals.

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  • Free Domain Included

    Get a Free Domain for the first year when you sign up.

  • Between 1GB to 20GB of SSD Storage

    Get all the storage you need to add 100’s of product images to your store, while keeping it lean and responsive.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Don’t compromise your customer’s shopping experience, provide them with a store that’s equally effective on mobile devices.

  • Major Payment Methods Supported

    Give your customers the choice to pay with PayPal or any major Credit or Debit card including Visa and MasterCard to name a few.

  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

    Easily Indexable by Search Engines with just the right balance of text and media makes your site easy to find, analyize and optimize.

  • User Friendly

    You take care of the selling and we’ll take care of the tech. As a seller you shouldn’t have to write a single line of code, so not only will your customer’s experience be user-friendly but so too will yours.

  • Secure for You and Your Customers

    Your site uses the HTTPS standard in delivering a secured end to end encrypted connection. Your site includes a digitally signed certificate, bootsting your customer’s confidence in shopping with you.

  • Easily Scalable

    Grow your product catalogue easily from a few to many products. We are here to help you with initializing your product database. It’s up to you how fast or slow you want to grow.

  • No Recurring Fees for your Shop

    Your shop is your’s to own, so too is all your data. Your license permits you to run your shop for as long as you want and not have to pay a yearly or monthly fee for the Store backend software. Additionally, you continue to get all minor updates for your shop’s major version for free.

  • No Per Transaction Fees

    All the profits you make from your sales are your own. We don’t deduct any fees for the transactions your customers make while shopping with you.

With so many great feautres, all the technical support you need and a growing customer-base of online shoppers you are all set to start selling with The Starter Store from RABBITMACHT.

Let us know if you have any queries

    By utilizing the Starter Store Basic and/or the Starter Store Pro you agree to RABBITMACHT’s Privacy Policy and End-User License Agreement.
    Please contact customer services if you have any queries.

    Starter Store FAQ

    Yes, you can own as many Starter Stores as you want. However, each Starter Store requires its own license.
    In short, no. Unfortunately, there are restrictions on the domain name you can use for your Starter Store. The main restriction is that the domain name you want cannot be owned by anybody else.
    You get a free domain and server space for the first year to host your Starter Store. When the first year expires a domain renewal and hosting fee of 79USD /year for the Basic package and a fee of 89USD /year for the Pro package is payable 14 days before the next period starts.
    Your Starter Store comes with one free domain per license for the first year. You can choose a domain with one of the following TLD’s
    • .com
    • .org
    • .net
    • .online
    • .site
    • .website
    • .joburg
    • .durban
    • .capetown
    • .me
    • .live
    • .tech
    • .space
    • .store
    • .faith
    • .party
    • .cricket
    • .webcam
    • .trade
    • .bid
    • .accountant
    • .name
    • .xyz
    • .biz
    • .us
    • .stream
    • .win
    If you do not see the TLD that you want in this list, contact our customer service.
    Once your payment has been finalized, we will contact you via email to get all the information we need to build your store. If you have chosen the Pro package you can also request a video or voice call. When we have this information we will start building your store and keep you posted on its progress. During the building phase please ensure that you are contactable as we may require further information or resources.
    Besides the very reasonable domain renewal and hosting fees after the first year, there is no additonal cost for running your store. Once you have purchased a license there is no recurring license fee.
    Yes, we can develop extensions, plugins and unique components for each individual Starter Store. Contact our customer service in order to get a quote and find out more about what is possible.
    Each Starter Store is different and therefore it’s not possible to give an accurate timeframe till launch for all stores. However, if you are readily available and have all of your media collected during the development process we estimate that to launch your site, for the Basic package should be between 5 to 7 working days and between 21 to 30 working days for the Pro package. However, these timeframes cannot be guaranteed.
    Every license has a major version number associated with the purchased Starter Store package. For example, your license could be for Starter Store version 1.0.
    1.0 is the major version of your store. The code-base for the Starter Store is regularly updated and upgraded with bug fixes, security updates and new features. If the update is a minor update it will take your store to its major version number plus the minor update version number, for example, your store would be updated from version 1.0 to version 1.1 or 1.2 and so on.
    All minor updates are free and are automatically applied to your store, you will receive an email explaining any changes before they are implemented. These updates are not intended to affect the way your store works from a customer’s perspective and therefore should not impact on the way you or your customers use your store. A store’s major version can be supported for up to a year, but you can choose to run your store on that version for as long as you like with no additional license fee.
    A major version would be an upgrade for example when the Starter Store moves from version 1.x to version 2.0 or greater. Major version upgrades contain significant changes to the code-base as well new features and therefore require a new license. It is up to you if you want to upgrade from one major version to another. Contact customer support if you have any queries.
    Yes, the Starter Store Pro package can be integrated into any platform that is well documented and/or supported. This feature is not available for the Basic package. If you have any queries please contact customer support.