An Introduction To 3D with Lyndon Daniels

Table of Contents


Part 1 : General Overview

Part 2 : Setup and Preparation

Part 3 : Polygon Modelling Tools

Part 4 : Understanding UV’s

Part 5 : High Resolution Models

Part 6 : Texturing and Shading

Part 7 : Rendering and Final Output

Part 8 : Assets

An Introduction To 3D with Lyndon Daniels

Welcome to “An Introduction to 3D with Lyndon Daniels”.

This is an online training resource to assist you with your first steps in 3D Digital Content Creation. In this course we examine the process of creating the character in the cover image above with extensive documentation, downloadable assets and lots of quizzes!

So jump right in, Learn something new and have some fun.
Lyndon l:D