Baobab Tree (Digital 3D Model)


Also known as the “Upside down tree” due to its branches resembling an intricate root system above ground. This product consists of a 2.83 LTS .blend file and several textures that have multiple customization settings and includes an animation of the tree gently swaying in the wind.

The .blend file does not require any special addons and renders of the tree can be made immediately through Cycles.


Textures are high-resolution 4K images in lossless PNG format and with a different color variation (BoababColor4K_01.png). Included textures are,

  1. A main Color map
  2. A variation of color and bark type
  3. Normal map baked from Sculpt data
  4. An Ambient Occlusion Map

The product file consists of several meshes representing the Baobab tree at different resolutions and with different features, as well as other file formats such as FBX and OBJ

  • The base mesh is made up of 1.5K polys. It is not UV unwrapped and is bound to an armature. It is ideal for realtime applications such as games.
  • High resolution sculpted model consisting of approximately half a million polys. It is not UV unwrapped and it is not bound to an armature.
  • The main tree mesh has a versatile set of applications from realtime to high-resolution renderings. It is UV unwrapped and it is bound to an armature. It also has an active modifier stack that connects it to the sculpted mesh, so that increasing subdivisions will render a greater degree of detail and provide you with a high degree of flexibility when using Level of Detail (LOD). The base mesh is made up of 5.1K polys.
  • An armature with a swaying animation, providing the effect of the tree subtly moving in the wind. It is animated using the Sapling addon for Blender, however, this addon is not required for this product to work.
  • An FBX animated and rigged version of the tree is also provided. This file can easily be imported into a game engine and setup as a prop
  • OBJ a static mesh version of the tree

Using the product is simple and does not require a great degree of knowledge of the Blender interface, simply open the file and render. Lights and a camera have already been setup.


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