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For a unique collection of items in digital and natural media to upskill, enhance and brighten any day.


The Starter Store is a full-stack e-commerce platform for building an online store. Use it to start selling your own products online with a full range of support for just about any product type. Regardless of whether you are selling clothes, jewellery, services, artworks name it, the Starter Store has you covered with a mobile-friendly, simple and clean interface to draw your customers attention to the most important part of your store, the products.

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Accelerate your learning with hands-on educational experiences from RABBITMACHT.
Our courses take a unique blended approach by combining a research-based, self-regulated learning component with interactive media, video’s, documentation and downloadable assets.
With many hundreds of learners already engaged in these courses through integrated tertiary-level programmes, you definitely don’t want to get left behind.

Digital Assets

These hyper-realistic, stylized models come textured, rigged and animated to cover a wide variety of production quality uses and are sure to make your projects stand out with an especially unique touch.

RabbitMacht models have made their way into numerous games and real-time applications, pre-viz projects as well as TV and educational media. All models are designed to be versatile in application and highly customizable.

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A collection of mixed-media, sculptures including artworks in merino wool with various clays and polished stone. Each piece is a one of a kind, in a world of its own.

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Showing 1–12 of 17 results