The Nest II


  • Handmade item
  • Detailed Needlefelted character
  • Merino Wool, Polymer Clays and Metallic Paint
  • Sealed with coarse and metallic mediums

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This unique artwork forms part of a series of two sculptures. Both sculptures can be individual items (The Nest I & The Nest II) but when placed together complete a set titled “The Nest”.
Constructed entirely by hand to have a delicate and elegant appearance but, in fact, sturdy and robust in nature.

Perched on top of an architectural structure a hybrid rabbit-like creature made from 100% hand-dyed, Merino wool observes the world. Embedded within the animal’s head are polished stone eyes, black in color and highly reflective, they intently mirror the viewer’s gaze.

A heavy, ruin-like circular structure raises from the base to provide the piece with its namesake. Made from solid, air-drying clay and reinforced with a wire armature to provide the piece with formidable support. Detailed vines made from a rubber-like polymer clay intertwine between the symbolical ruin structure connecting it with the natural world. The nest is coated with a wide variety of artistic mediums and acrylic paints to create a highly detailed rough and silver-glossy, textured surface that is very tempting to touch.

Individually made bricks stack within the ruin’s negative space forming a cross-like shape and reinforcing the piece’s ancient symbolism. With a hard, rough quality and lustrous silver-tone, you could immerse yourself within the mysterious nature of this artwork’s details for many hours.

This piece is exclusively available for free delivery in South African metropolitan areas.

Expect 2 -5 working days for delivery.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 36 cm

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