The Nest II

  • Handmade item
  • Detailed Needlefelted character
  • Merino Wool, Polymer Clays and Metallic Paint
  • Sealed with coarse and metallic mediums
  • Gift wrapping and message available

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This unique artwork forms part of a series of two sculptures. Both sculptures can be individual items (The Nest I & The Nest II) but when placed together complete a set titled “The Nest”.
Constructed entirely by hand to have a delicate and elegant appearance but, in fact, sturdy and robust in nature this piece can be shipped over long distances with ease.

Perched on top of an ancient ruin a hybrid bunny-like creature made out of 100% hand-dyed, Merino wool observes the world. The creature’s imperfect coloration adds to the authenticity of the character’s natural tones to create the impression of form and texture. Deeply embedded within the animal’s head are it’s eyes which are made from polished stone, black in color and highly reflective, they intently mirror the viewer’s gaze.

A heavy, ruin-like circular structure raises from the ground to provide the piece with it’s namesake. Made from a solid, air-drying clay and reinforced with a wire armature to provide the piece with formidable support. Detailed vines made from a rubber-like polymer clay intertwine between the symbolical ruin structure connecting it with the natural world. The nest is coated with a wide variety of artistic mediums and acrylic paints to create a highly detailed rough and silver-glossy, textured surface that is not just stunning to look at but also very tempting to touch.

Individually made bricks stack within the ruin’s negative space forming a cross-like shape and reinforcing the piece’s ancient symbolism. With a hard, rough quality and lustrous silver tone, you could immerse yourself within the mysterious nature of this artwork’s details for an eternity.

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Weight4.5 kg
Dimensions25 × 25 × 36 cm

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