Elephant (Digital 3D Model)


This elephant can be used in games and app development as well as cinematic close-up to wide shots.
Easy to use and no additional setup is required.

With a wide range of extra resources including 4K texture maps, loopable walk cycle and a Node network for the Cycles rendering engine.

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The African Elephant is a 3D model made and tested in Blender 2.79 and 2.83 that forms part of a series of African Savannah inhabitants. This product has a wide variety of applications as it includes realtime and high-resolution models. The model is both rigged and animated using Deer Rigger, which is a modified version of Rigify for Quadrupeds.

The product consists of,

  • 4k Color Texture, with Masks
  • Non-overlapping UV’s
  • Realtime Model made-up of 2144 Faces
  • High-Resolution Sculpt model
  • Rig
  • Active Modifier stack
  • Animated walk cycle
  • Cycles Material Node Network


The Elephant product consists of,

  • Realtime model : A realtime, low poly version of the elephant consisting of approximately 2k polys and non-overlapping UV’s.
  • High Resolution Scuplt data : High resolution sculpted elephant consisting of approximately 400k polys.
  • Walking Animation : Rigged and animated elephant, with an active modifier stack that’s ready to render for Cycles.
  • Various Weights Maps : Rigged and animated elephant, with an active modifier stack including Soft Body for a dynamics simulation.
  • Color Map : Color channel texture map in 4K.
  • Sub-Surface Scattering: SSS channel Mask in 4K.
  • Tusks : Oren-Nayar channel Mask in 4K.
  • Normals Maps : Normal map baked from sculpt in 4K.
  • Realtime OBJ Mesh : 3D mesh for compatibility with other software.
  • FBX rigged and animated, can be used in game engines and other 3D applications


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