Buck (Digital 3D Model)


A Hybrid Buck model, referencing Springbok, Impala and Thomson’s Gazelle, with a wide variety of applications including 3D printing, VR/AR and High-Resolution imagery.
The Buck package consists of a realtime model made up of approximately 2,706 polygons and a high res sculpted model made up of 100s of thousands of polygons.
A 4K Normal map is baked from the sculpt data, as such can be applied to the realtime model without compromising detail for performance.
The realtime model also has an FK (Foreward Kinematics) armature and an active modifier stack. Hair and fur are included within the scene.



This product includes both realtime and high-resolution models, attached to an easy to use rig with 4K texture maps.

The source files can be used to render outputs including fur, materials and lighting.
The realtime model and rig have also been exported to FBX and tested in Maya. The 3D files are all created and tested in Blender 2.79 and 2.83

This model will deform predictably during animation and has an FK (Forward Kinematics) rig with painted weights that can be used for posing.

Product Contents:

1. Realtime 3D model in .Blend and FBX
The main realtime 3D model with unwrapped and non-overlapping UV’s

2. Simple rig in both .Blend and .FBX formats
With an armature/skeleton rig, skinned/weighted and ready for posing.

3. High resolution sculpt model
The high resolution sculpt model, consisting of millions of polygons.

4. Materials
Includes Cycles Node-based Materials, Fur and Lighting ready for rendering.

5. Texture maps are embedded in the Blender file

Full-colour Diffuse map at 4096 x 4096
Greyscale SubSurface Scattering mask at 4096 x 4096
Greyscale Specular mask at 4096 x 4096
Full-colour Normal map at 4096 x 4096

6. High-Resolution STL model (can be used for 3D printing)


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