Giraffe (Digital 3D Model)


Package Contents

  • 4k Color, Mask and Normal Textures
  • Non-overlapping UV’s
  • Realtime Model made-up of 1264 (mainly quads and a few triangles)
  • High-Resolution Sculpt model
  • Rig
  • Active Modifier stack
  • Animated run cycle
  • Cycles Material Node Network
  • FBX (animated rigged and baked, ready to import into UE4 or other game engine)
  • OBJ (static mesh)



The Giraffe is a 3D model available in Blender 2.83LTS that forms part of a series of African Savannah inhabitants. This product has a wide variety of applications as it includes both realtime and high-resolution models. The model is rigged and animated using Deer Rigger, which is a modified version of Rigify for Quadrupeds.


The Giraffe product consists of several features,

  • Realtime model, rigged and animated. An active modifier stack with hair and cycles node network make this file ready to render.
  • High resolution sculpted giraffe consisting of many polygons.
  • Realtime model in OBJ file format for interchanging between applications.
  • Rigged and animated FBX file format. Can be used in games engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine.
  • Color channel texture map in 4K.
  • Sub-Surface Scattering channel and Mask in 4K.
  • Normal map baked from sculpt data in 4K.
  • Ambient Occlusion map baked from sculpt data in 4K.


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