Wildebeest (Digital 3D Model)


Rigged and animated wildebeest, with an active modifier stack that’s ready to render with hair for Cycles.

Textures are included in 4K within the product file.

1. 4k Textures and Masks
2. Non-overlapping UV’s
3. Realtime Model
4. High Resolution Sculpted model
5. Rigged Model
6. Animated run cycle
7. Cycles Material Node Network
8. Particle Hair System

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This digital 3D model consists of realtime and high-resolution geometric models, rigged and animated with a run cycle. The realtime model can be used in games and is made up of only 1,194 polygons.

The wildebeest has been extensively tested in Blender 2.79 and 2.83

It can also be subdivided into a high-resolution model that is Shrinkwrapped to a sculpted character. This can be used for close up shots and cinematic realism.

Technical Data

The UV’s are unwrapped non-overlapping and with seems primarily in occluded areas with UV islands maximizing on 0 to1 UV space. The model’s edge loops are placed with particular consideration for deformation during animation and the model subdivides perfectly. This product includes ultra high res sculpt data as well as a realtime 3D model. As a result, a varying Level Of Detail (LOD) can also be used for the model during rendering, which includes multiple 4K textures and a complex Physically Biased Rendering (PBR) node network with Fresnel, Sub-Surface Scattering (SSS), Specularity, Transparency, Hair, Normals of which all properties are very editable and non-destructive.
A loopable run-cycle is also included with a Soft Body (SB) vertex group that can be used for simulating dynamic secondary animation.

All editable.



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