Dead Acacia Tree (Digital 3D Model)


Also known as the “Camel Thorn Tree” This product consists of a customizable .blend file, an animated .fbx file, several high-quality textures and also includes a 250 frame loopable animation of the tree gently swaying in the wind.



Product Assets

This product does not require any special addons and renders of the tree can be made immediately through Blender’s Cycles PBR. The tree’s UV’s have been carefully laid out by hand to maximize on 0 to 1 texture space. They are non-overlapping and are not generated through automation (resulting in many tiny UV islands). This means the textures of the tree can easily be updated and painted to suit your project’s needs.


Textures are also included as high-resolution 4K (as well as some 8K images) in lossless PNG format. Included textures are,

  • acaciaColor4K.png – This is the main Color map
  • acaciaNormal8K.png – This is an 8K Normal map baked from Sculpt data ideal for high res renders
  • acaciaNormal4K.png – This is a 4K Normal map baked from Sculpt data ideal for realtime usage
  • acaciaAO4K.png – This is an Ambient Occlusion Map baked from Sculpt data

The Blend file consists of several assets that can be used to configure the acacia tree to suit your needs.

Realtime Acacia Mesh

This mesh is made up of only 825 polys. As an ultra low res mesh, it is ideal for mobile games. This mesh also subdivides perfectly into a high-quality model that can be used for console games to HD cinematic quality output. It is also UV unwrapped, with a Cycles Node network setup for instant rendering and bound to an animated armature. It also has an active modifier stack that will allow for creating Level Of Detail (LOD) meshes if required, through the Subdivision and Shrinkwrap modifiers.

High Resolution Sculpt Data

This asset is a high-resolution sculpted model consisting of approximately 5 million polys. It is sculpted with high-frequency details and as such can be used to bake Ultra High Res Textures.

Animated Armature

This is the armature used to create the effect of the tree swaying in the wind. Animation has been procedurally generated.

File Interchange Format FBX

This product also consists of an animated FBX version which can be imported into various other 3D applications including game engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity.


Using the product is simple and does not require a great degree of knowledge of the Blender interface, simply open the file and render. A light and camera have already been setup.



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